A Rising Tide is a documentary web series that follows underrepresented Colorado students who receive the scholarship of a lifetime. Through a combination of marine science, scuba diving, and real-world conservation work, these students will have an experience that takes them to the intersection of education and fascination.

TIDES (Teaching Interdisciplinary and Experiential Sciences) was launched in Boulder, CO in 2011 to connect students to the ocean, regardless of where they live, and give them opportunities to break down classroom walls and experience the world. The A Rising Tide scholars will go through year one of the TIDES program.

Developed collaboratively between Ocean First and Ocean First Education, TIDES combines engaging STEM curricula, confidence building scuba diving, and experiential learning to unlock students’ natural curiosities and passion for science and exploration.

Ocean First Education is a group of passionate educators, scientists, divers, filmmakers, and explorers who are committed to sharing our love for the ocean with people everywhere.

Classroom walls have fallen and we seek to guide users to a greater understanding and appreciation of ocean science and conservation. Through in-depth, multi-disciplinary instruction, we take students to the intersection of fascination and education, creating a deep connection with the ocean’s vital marine ecology.

Ocean First is a swim, dive, and travel center in Boulder, CO. We create and support a community of ocean enthusiasts who are passionate about experiencing and preserving our marine environments. Whether swimming, diving, or experiencing the ocean in their own sublime way, our customers share an infectious passion and excitement that transcends their daily lives.

Our love for the ocean is the inspiration for our swim and dive instruction, travel services, marine biology education, and sustainability. We believe a healthy ocean is a healthy planet.