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Ocean Adventurer

Mehgan Heaney-Grier


Marine Educator • Expedition Leader • Biologist• Television Personality/Host

Mehgan Heaney-Grier is a life-long adventurer who specializes in pushing boundaries and thrives on personal challenges. Her drive and passion for the ocean helped her establish the first U.S. freedive record for both men and women in the constant weight category in 1996, with a dive to 155 feet on a single breath of air. Less than one year later she bettered that record with a dive to 165 feet. In 2000 Mehgan was one of the original inductees into the Women Diver’s Hall of Fame. She holds a degree in Ecology Evolutionary Biology, and Anthropology, and has been working in the field with sharks, alligators and other marine and land based predators more than 20 years.

An accomplished athlete, stunt diver, television personality, and marine conservationist, Mehgan is a strong female figure and a positive role model for young people around the world. She has been featured in publications worldwide such as Life, People, and Outside magazines, and has starred in and appeared on hundreds of television shows.

Hollywood films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, and Into the Blue, have utilized Mehgan’s underwater expertise to perform difficult underwater stunts for leading ladies such as Keira Knightly, Jessica Alba, and Olivia Wilde. In 2015 Mehgan was hired onto an elite team of explorers for the Discovery Channel series, Treasure Quest: Snake Island, working as Divemaster and Anthropologist in search of lost Incan gold in the waters of South America. 

Mehgan’s love of freediving and the ocean environment ignited a strong passion for science, conservation, and exploration from a young age. Today, these passions continue to fuel and give substance to her pursuit of water and land-based adventures. Through mentoring and her work with a variety of nonprofit organizations, Mehgan is dedicated to doing what she can to be "part of the solution” when it comes to raising awareness about issues important to her, like the critical health and future of the world’s oceans.
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